Wrapping up 2015/2016 & Summer Camp Trip

It’s been a good year all! According to Crater Lake N.P. we had a 100.3% average snowfall year. Much better than last year! This doesn’t mean that the snow is gone yet though as there is still 11′ at the snow pole at Thousand Springs. Three Lakes should have snow far into May most likely so get out there and terrorize those snow flakes! Grooming at Thousand Springs will still be going on for another week or so but not much longer than two weeks as of 4/17/16.

Things to look out for:

  • Any Monument additions or Wilderness
  • Write to your senators and congressmen about the Proposed Crater Lake Wilderness
  • Summer work parties/train maintenance
  • More info to come soon…

There will not be any other events scheduled until August 12th, the Annual Summer Camp Trip. This year it will be at Willow Point Campground @ Howard Prairie so make sure to make your reservations online here http://jacksoncountyor.org/parks/Camping/Howard-Prairie-Lake/Willow-Point-Park/Reservations. Get them done early so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Thanks everyone for your hard work and dedication. The hard work pays off when we get to meet up, enjoy great food, and snowmobile!



Website Changes!

After speaking with individuals about the current state of the site, the majority said they didn’t like the scrolling posts on the homepage. I also supported this and decided to resigned the homepage as a static page that outlines the  general overview of what is going on that month. Since we’re going into the summer months, not much is happening so the important general stuff will be up here. Eventually the video that Lithia did will be placed on the homepage, sprucing it up a bit so it’s not so much text.

  • Posts will no longer be accessible from the homepage, they will all be found in the archives section (finally a use for them actually)
  • No longer old content up here on the main page (stuff from four years ago shouldn’t be here for example)
  • Any questions, navigate over to the contact page to contact the webmaster
  • The grooming chairman will be updating the grooming page undeniably as soon as something gets groomed (we will have the most updated snow conditions of any club in the state)

I am always looking for opinions on the site so please feel free to contact me.




As you all know, Oregon Wild is again attempting to gain support for their “Crater Lake Wilderness Proposal” and they were hoping we wouldn’t notice. You may recall that Oregon Wild proposed this in September 2009 and we stopped them. At that time we knew we won the battle but not the war. We knew they would be back.

Most recently they submitted a petition with over 30,000 signatures to our US Senators. At that time I asked all of you to call and email your Senators to express your opinion on the matter. If you want to read Oregon Wild’s proposal and their map so you can see what they are trying to take away from you, you can do so by visiting this link: http://www.oregonwild.org/wilderness/crater-lake-wilderness-proposal As you will see on their page that they use many, many half-truths and lies to push their agenda.

The Rogue Snowmobilers are gearing up for another fight with Oregon Wild. In the meantime we have others who have already started the fight and we need to help them NOW!

I am asking you to do the three things below NOW!



Attached is a PDF copy of the resolution and it can be signed by individuals as well as groups. It is being circulated to Chambers of Commerce and County Commissioners in all of the impacted counties including Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Deschutes.

Fill in the name of the individual or group at the bottom and email them to bragon@douglasfast.net and to csdaj@q.com for distribution to the correct entities.

CLNP Resolution



Next go to http://www.healthyforests.org/action_center?vvsrc=%2fcampaigns%2f43318%2frespond and use their email system to send a message to our US Senators, US Representatives and the USFS. Just fill in your email and zip code and the pre-composed message will be sent. You also have the option of customizing your message if you so choose.

While you are on their site you may want to join for free to get other action alerts. I have been getting them for years and it is a good source of information.



Share this with other outdoor clubs, organization, friends and co-workers who share our perspective that we should be able to recreate in our public lands. We also support those jobs that deal with recreation as well as sustainable forestry that supplies jobs for our economy and help deal with fire risks and bug and disease infestations that kill our forests.



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