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If you are a casual snowmobiler or an avid one, we want you in our club! With your membership with the Rogue Snowmobilers, you get access to…

  • Snowmobile Education
  • Community Service
  • Snowmobile Trail Grooming
  • Socializing

We do many sponsored events every year for all kinds of riders and serve some of the best food around. Even if you only come to one or two events a year, we cannot stress enough the importance of being in a local snowmobile club. The Oregon State Snowmobile Association (OSSA) grants grooming funds and other funds to maintain snowmobile trails to clubs in the state of Oregon and is the largest organization against keeping lands PUBLIC for everyone to enjoy.

With you representing a local club, you can help prevent the addition of future wilderness and keep our lands open! Plus, you get to enjoy a family-friendly environment and ride with other snowmobilers just a passionate about snowmobiling as you! We welcome new snowmobilers to this club and you will quickly find someone to associate with, likely building a life-long friendship on the way.

Even though we are a snowmobile club, we also schedule events year round! So even if you don’t own a snowmobile yet, there is something for you to do!

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