Updated on 5/5/2017

*Grooming Notes:*

Snow cat ready to go! We have started our grooming season as of 12/2/2016. Please contact Jim if you would like more info on our grooming program or would like to schedule a ride in the cat.

As of 5/5 there is 200 yards of spotty gravel showing on the lower part of the 60 road and spots of gravel showing in the canopy.

*Snow Depth*

Huckleberry Mountain Pole: 12+ FT

Thousand Springs Shelter: Little to no snow around shelter now


Thousand Springs:
Thousand Springs Loop: 5/5
Huckleberry Loop: 5/5
Rock Top Trail Loop: 5/5
Dead Soldier Trail Loop: 5/5
Union Creek Trail: 3/16
Whiskey Creek Trail: 4/8
Bybee Creek Trail: 2/19
Hamaker Loop: 2/17
Pipe Line Loop: 4/21
Ginkgo Trail: 2/23
Crater Creek Loop: 2/12


Diamond Lake Grooming Report



Road Cams:

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