December 31, 2016



Seasoned snowmobilers have a shared belief: “the difference is not in the machine, it’s the rider.” So, if you’re considering getting fully decked-out expensive equipment and accessories without “doing the time on the trail,” forget about it.

Instead, start with the basics and sign-up for a Rogue Snowmobilers Beginner Ride. Learn the essentials of snow safety, riding etiquette and trail-marker reading from rider-guides fully experienced in Southern Oregon terrain. Opt for some off-trail riding during these organized outings and remember: weather changes at higher elevations can make a trail ride an off-trail experience very quickly.


You might think this is the “go big or go home group” but they’re really snowmobile riders with a healthy regard for the outdoors and years of experience built upon the essentials from the Beginner/New Rider group.

Rides are primarily focused on the “off-trail” or “boon docking” experience, so be prepared to commit to lengthier rides and some physical challenges. Visit with one of our rider-guides to see if you and your equipment are ready for one of these extended adventures.

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