Why Join The Rogue Snowmobilers?

Of the $45 dues to the Rogue Snowmobilers, $25 goes to our state organization, The Oregon State Snowmobile Association. They represent snowmobilers as an organized group and there is power in numbers. Every year more and more acres of land are no longer available for use to snowmobilers and other groups. This organization is dedicated to protecting our rights and keeps us informed with information important to us at both the state and national levels.

We offer several FREE programs that are funded through our club. The first is our state certified Snowmobile Safety Education Program. Although this is open to all ages, it is very popular for the kids in our club as they must be certified to drive a snowmobile. We also offer free CPR classes for our groomers and then for other members on an availability basis.

Our club has an extensive all volunteer grooming program. We groom and maintain more than 600 miles of trails. The more members we have, the more money we get for our grooming programs through funds from gas taxes and license fees. It is important to note that for each $10 snowmobile registration license fee and gas taxes, the OSSA gets over $38 to distribute to the local clubs for grooming and maintenance.

Community Service
All the work of our officers, board members, groomers and members is done on a volunteer basis. In addition, we support our community in other ways. Every year we raise money for Candlelighters (kids with cancer and their families) and also sponsor a day where the kids and their families can come up and enjoy a day riding snowmobile, playing in the snow and eating a wonderful meal. We also sponsor several families at Christmastime who might otherwise go without gifts and a Christmas dinner. This year we are also sponsoring a blood drive and a canned food drive.

Through our newsletters and website, we strive to keep our membership informed of important information from the political to when and where fun events are to be held.

Last but not least, we are a very social group. We have many club sponsored rides every year which include a potluck afterwards where the club provides the main dish. We have club meetings on the first Tuesday of every month between September and April. We have an annual Winter Banquet at Diamond Lake Resort. As you can imagine, the $20 per family membership would not begin to cover all our costs so we have our annual Mt Bailey $3000 Poker Run. This event raises the money for our club to finance our free classes, donations to the community and our social events in addition to being one of the highlights of our year. It’s a lot of work and takes many volunteers from our club to pull this off but it is also tons of fun.

ThebestwaytoseeCraterLakeFROM OUR PRESIDENT:

We are looking forward to another super season, with lots of SNOW and rides, great functions and of course the best potlucks with a wonderful group of people such as yourself!

The best way to see Crater Lake

We have one monthly meeting, the first Tuesday of each month, which will be held at D&S Harley in Phoenix at 7PM. These meetings are very informative for everyone, where we discuss and handle a variety of issues. We work very close with the Forest Service, BLM, OSSA, and the Blue Ribbon Coalition to keep OUR forests and public lands open to enjoy now and for generations to come. Your input is very important, so we hope that you can arrange your schedule to attend. We also publish a newsletter that will arrive at your mailing address about 1-2 weeks prior to the meeting.

GreatMorningforGroomingGreat Morning for Grooming

Our efforts and interests extend into the community beyond just snowmobiling. We are very involved with the Candlelighters (children with cancer in Southern Oregon). We raise money for their organization by holding a pie auction in February and put on a great lunch at the Thousand Springs Snow Shelter and offer snowmobile rides to the children and their families. We are actively involved with Search and Rescue and participate in searches when we are called upon. We groom miles and miles of trails weekly that are used by snowmobilers as well as cross country skiers. Our club offers safety classes for minors to be certified to ride. We also have classes instructing our members in CPR. We conduct fund raisers to help with our club functions in order to keep dues affordable for all families.


We sincerely hope to see you at the general club meetings as these are great times to meet your fellow club members and learn more about the club functions. If we don’t run into you there, we look forward to seeing you at the club functions or out on the trails this year. THINK SNOW and have a wonderfully safe year of riding.


The Rogue Snowmobile Officers and Board Members

President: Dennis Jordan
Vice President: Rob Allwardt
Secretary: Sherry Allen
Treasurer: Lisa Duncan

Board Members:

Mark Duncan
Jim Gulrich
Greg Gulrich
Dean Harlow
Jerry Scheid
Chuck Allen
Mark Conner

Grooming Chairman:

Jim Gulrich


Greg Gulrich



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